Are you a solo practitioner or a small practice?

Are you constantly required to meet the challenge of representing multiple clients on a day to day basis in numerous jurisdictions, then we can help! Client First has a team of experienced associates equipped with the training, experience and relationships with agencies throughout Maryland and can assist you in covering virtually any matter in any jurisdiction. Even if the matter is simple, you want an attorney who knows how to preserve the relationship you have with your clients when you cannot be there and help obtain the best result in your absence. Our areas for coverage are:


Criminal Law:




  • Postponements
  • Jury Trial Prayers
  • Pleas and Sentencing Hearings
  • Bail Review Hearings
  • Preliminary Hearings
  • Minor and Incarcerable Traffic Cases
  • Jail Visits
  • Legal Research and Motion Drafting







Civil and Family Law:




  • Postponements
  • Scheduling Conferences
  • Pre-Trial Hearings
  • Legal Research and Motion Drafting







We provide coverage in every county in the State of Maryland. We provide affordable package and per appearance pricing.